Healthserve Health Consultancy is established by health professionals just like you. Medical professionals who are looking forward to practice their preferred field of expertise must be eligible to secure a professional license. Hence, we know exactly how to assist you in all the procedures relating to acquiring a medical license from the United Arab Emirates. We remain totally committed to our services as we will guide you to your path in excellence.

To begin a healthcare career in UAE, a medical license is mandatory which allows medical professionals to practice in healthcare facilities within the country. Eight different healthcare regulatory bodies are responsible for licensing of medical facilities across GCC countries, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar.

We provide personalized, ongoing support and step-by-step guidance to ensure smooth transition and placement for medical professionals. Healthserve also provides provision to an online platform for study material and online practice tests. Our career guidance section assures great support for the CV Enhancement for job hunts as well as relocation guidance. 

Healthserve also provides planning and consultancy to potential investors who seek to set up their healthcare business in the UAE.