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DOH Examination - Previously known as HAAD Examination information

Department of Health (DOH) examination is the new name of the licensing authority. Its previous name was the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). The DOH is the licensing body in Abu Dhabi. It functions to issue the license of any medical professional and even to the license of the hospital/facility.

Prior you can work as a medical professional in the Abu Dhabi, you need to have your license. For sure all of us know that without the license, you are not allowed to work as a medical professional regardless as to which country you intend to practice your medical profession. This is to safeguard your patient as well as for your safety as a medical professional.

So let’s discuss about the examination.

Type of Exam

It’s 150 random questions in a span of 3 hours. The number is fixed to be 150. It’s up to you to consume the 3 hours maximum time. It is a multiple-type of questions. The exam is not using a CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing)  type of examination because the randomly be given to you regardless if you got the question right or you got the question incorrectly. During the examination, you can skip a center number if you are not sure if you got a correct answer. Meaning to say, you still can move forward to another number by flagging a particular item that you want to go back after you finish all the questions. This allows you the capability to check your answers before submitting it all. 

During the examination, you also have your small whiteboard and marking pen that will be given by the test administrator. You will not have a calculator because it will already appear on the screen.

Hours of the examination

The maximum time for you to be allowed to sit for the exam is 3 hours. During these 3 hours you may excuse using the comfort room anytime that you may want to go out of the testing room. When you do, you need to raise your hand so that your test administrator will be notified. But take note that you cannot pause your computer for a break because you are going to use the comfort room, your screen time will continue.

Testing Center locations

It is the Pearson Vue Testing Center which administers the DOH examination.

Healthserve does all the procedure on your behalf. That being said, we are also going to book your examination and schedule the exam thereafter.

Results of the examination

Healthserve staff will inform you about the result of your examination in 3-5 business days. That is the standard waiting time prior to the DOH Examination result will be available in your DOH account. The result is just either PASS or FAIL. There will be no examination scores that will be issued regardless if you passed the exam or if you failed the examination. There will be no certificate as well that will be issued by the DOH licensing authority that you passed your exam. What will be the proof to your employer that you passed your DOH examination? In this case, you can print out the page on your DOH portal that has your Name, and your “PASS” result.

License after the examination

Please take note that after passing your DOH examination, it will not lead to license issuance automatically because you need to look for an employer first. Once you have the employer, it will be the HR of that facility who will facilitate the license application procedure. What they do is that your DOH account will be linked to their facility so that your license will be tagged in their facility/hospital.

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